Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Vacation

I am promising this June 2, 2009 to do a better job of keeping up with this blog. I have been reading a blog that a friend from high school is keeping for her family and it is absolutely wonderful. The stories she is capturing along with photos of her children will make a wonderful way for them to remember their time as children.

So . . . here goes! We are officially on SUMMER VACATION. We have been enjoying our days so far being lazy around the house and doing whatever we want whenever we want. Today we went to the kickoff of Storytime at the Pittsburg Public Library. They always have wonderful stories followed by a fun craft and today was no exception. The kids got to use sting that they held on to with clothespins to paint a masterpiece. They loved it!

Stuart had his first Pee Wee T-Ball game of the season tonight. He is playing for Coach Fleming and Orioles this year. He went three-for-three and attempted to field every ball that was hit his way. Such a great accomplishment considering last year he cried and didn't want to get out of the van all season. Good for you Stuart!

Colin has his 3rd practice tomorrow and his first game on Saturday. He is entering the world of machine pitch. Should be exciting! He is playing for Coach Piccini on the Rockies team.

Lauren is recovering nicely from a surgery last Friday - ear tubes, adenoidectomy and tonsilectomy (glad I'm not a medical transcriptionist!) She is slowly but surely wanting to eat and drink more each day. She has enjoyed her opportunities to eat popsicles and chocolate pudding for breakfast. Not to mention being bribed with sips of Dr. Pepper if she will take her "yucky" medicine. Her favorite thing to say this week is "I can't do anything!" Of course she holds her hands palm side up with attitude as she says it!